Monday, 21 April 2014

Aam ki Anarkali

We have a big old mango tree in the yard and last night there was a rainstorm. As a result we got to gather a lot of small raw mangoes in the morning that were strewn all about the yard as it's the mango season. Immediately a plan was drawn up on how to use these mangoes and I was particularly stuck on using a few to make "Anarkali" pickle.

What I like best about Anarkali is the sweet-sour taste you get from biting into each little piece and it looks very pretty too! May be that's why they call it Anarkali!



Raw mangoes, peeled and chopped - 1/2 kg
Jaggery, grated- 250 gm
Red chilly powder- 1 tsp (adjust according to your taste)
Salt- 2 tsp or to taste


Mix all ingredients in a bowl.

Cover and keep for about 2 days.

And it's done!


Adjust quantity of jaggery depending on sourness of the mangoes.