Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Lazy Microwave Cheese Sandwich + How to Utilize Your Sister

Ok. Two things you need to know before reading this post: one that this is really a lazy sandwich, tastes amazing nevertheless, and two that I absolutely couldn't bear looking at my sister snuggled up in the bed. So when she asked for a sandwich, I got her to do this. Plus it's always good to have her do my bidding like a minion. Yes, she is my very own, home bred, cannot leave ever, personal minion.

Now stay put as she tells you how to make this cheesy sandwich in just about 3 minutes, well that's if your elder sibling isn't making you pose to take pictures of just about everything you are doing.

Fist of all, you need cheese. Of course, this is a cheesy sandwich after all. I had slices of cheddar cheese. You can use grated cheese. Lot's of it. I used only one slice, but later thought two slices would have been better. So on the cheese front, suit yourself.

Then you will need some caramalised onions to add that subtle sweetness to your sandwich. I absolutely adore caramalised onions in sandwiches and burgers. They do enhance the flavors, don't they? I would love to know your favorite way of using caramalised onions.

And for the fresh crunch we have strips of red and yellow bell peppers. A lazier version of this sandwich is the one I remember from my days in Delhi. Some fresh icebergs, these peppers and a dollop of mayonnaise between two slices of bread, and you are done. But why did my roommate and I do this? Oh yes! We did not have a microwave.

Then we have got 2 slices of bread. Fresh and tender. I hope I don't come across like a criminal for using regular white bread in this age of health promoting wheat and oats and multi grain bread. I am not against them anyway. The sweetness of white bread sits perfectly in a sandwich and more importantly, this is what I had in hand, or rather my sister had in hand.

After you are done feeding the enormous hunger of your crazy sibling, I in this case, to trouble you, assemble all ingredients on your work platform.

To assemble the sandwich, place the cheese slice on a slice of bread and top it with a dense layer of caramalised onions. Then place strips of bell peppers in a regular fashion. This girl in the picture decided to go for haphazard vertical and horizontal arrangement first but was instructed not to so as it would later create a mess while eating. Then place the other slice of bread on top.

If you are using grated cheese, use it as a topping over the layer of peppers.

Pop your sandwich into the microwave for 30 seconds to warm it and melt the cheese. It helps if you invert the sandwich so the cheese slice is the topmost layer as opposed to being at the bottom while assembling the sandwich. That way the melted cheese makes its way into the nooks and crannies of the other layers.

Bring it back into your board and slice it into two pieces.

Enjoy the sandwich warm and let your sister take an awkward picture of you eating it.

And I hope you learned how to utilize your sister for a blog post!