Friday, 2 January 2015

Oregano-Mustard Potato Bites

A very happy New Year to all my dear readers and friends. I think you all had a blast, didn't you? I, for one, didn't think I would spend the first day of this year shopping, celebrating the opening of a friend's new restaurant and going bowling at the end of the day where I still had my mojo on after remaining out of practice for 3 years. A great day in all for Apurva, except for one little thing. Or may not be so little. It's the constant voice in the back of my head that keeps talking to me of all that went wrong in the past year. It doesn't help that it's the loudest when I try to ignore it and drown it down in happiness. Nevertheless, it's the New Year and one can always hope to turn a new leaf. Just realizing, 'turning a new leaf', a good resolution for the year, isn't it?

On that note, let's switch to today's recipe. A really easy and sassy this one is. You'll love it. Hailing all mustard lovers and oregano lovers, and bringing them together. I belong to the latter category, the oregano lovers, but I don't mind being paired with the mustard lovers in this fashion.  The combination of flavors in this recipe is a unbeatable. It makes me wonder if oregano and mustard will be as good together in a pasta. If I try it I will let you know.

This is such a lazy recipe but a party winner in every way. When in hurry for a party snack, whip up this one. When the kids are raving for a snack, whip up this one. When it's breezy outside and you want something hot, whip up this one. The first time I made this was for mom's kitty party and what a hit it was! It is great as an appetiser. I did not want to say much, but what the heck! These are certainly the best fried potato bites ever. With a crunchy crust and lovely flavors, this is a recipe to keep close by.

I almost forgot to tell you, serve these potato bites with some mayonnaise. There will be no going back or away.


Potatoes- 1/2 kg
Oregano- 4 tbsp
Mustard sauce- 8-10 tbsp (adjust)
Corn flour- about 8 tbsp
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying


Par-boil potatoes to the point that they are firm and will not be mashed.

Remove skin and cut into 2 inch pieces.

In a big bowl, take potatoes, oregano, mustard sauce, corn flour and salt.

Mix well to coat potatoes with all ingredients. Potatoes should be coated thoroughly with corn flour and the mixture should be dry enough to not be sticky. Add more corn flour if required.

Deep fry till golden brown.

Serve hot with your favorite dipping sauce, like mayonnaise.

You can prepare the mixture ahead of frying but do not add salt just before frying.