Sunday, 19 October 2014

Salted Makhana

Before we get to the recipe, hear my Salted Makhana story.

Scene 1.
Me to mom: "Mom, do we have makhanas at home? I want to post a Salted Makhana Recipe on the blog."

Mom to me: "Yes, we do have makhanas at home and you only want to roast them for yourself, not for a blog post." 

Me: "What? No! I want to post it as a DIY snack idea, just like I did for Salted Cashews."

Mom: "We'll see. I know what happened to those cashews. You barely saved any to take pictures for the post."

Me: "Yes, yes. We'll see."

Scene 2.
I roast the makhanas, and pop a few in my mouth as soon as they are off the pan. My mom gives me the "I told you so" look. I ignore her and go about clicking some pictures, sneaking a few more, now away from her watch. I bring the bowl back and keep it on the kitchen counter, turn to leave and mom says to me, "You took a bowl full to click the pictures and are returning it only half full. What happened to the rest? Did a crow eat them?" I say, "Yes, mom. That's exactly what happened." And quickly leave. 

Scene 3.
It's evening. I am lurking in the kitchen. Mom is making tea for dad and herself. I ask her, "Should I bring some makhanas? Dad hasn't had them yet." She says, "Sure. Bring some. By the way, did you post the recipe?" "No, not yet." I say between mouthfuls. She smiles and leaves with her tea. I think to myself, "Oh! Damn it Apurva! Control yourself."

Scene 4.
I enter the kitchen quietly. On tip toes. I don't flip on the light and use my cell phone's backlight to find the jar that contains what I want. I open the cupboard, careful not to make any noise. I can't find it. Where is it? Why is it not here? Did I finish it all already? No. I am sure I didn't. Oh! If only I could switch on the light. No. I can't. It's 3 a.m. What if mom wakes up for water or something and sees me here! No. I can't take that chance. I move about the kitchen searching for my precious makhanas. Suddenly something ran across my feet. I let out a high pitched scream and jump with fear. Dad and mom come to the kitchen and switch on the light to find me wide eyed and a small mouse scurrying around. Dad asks me, "Are you all right? What happened?" Mom answers him, "She will be all right when she finishes all the makhanas. Let's go."

Yes. That's how much I love these. Why, you ask? Well, they are freaking awesome!
You guys read how to make them and let me see if I can find more in the kitchen.


Makhana (Lotus Seeds)-  100 gm
Ghee- 4 tbsp (adjust)
Salt and pepper to taste


Roast makhanas in ghee on low to medium flame until they start to turn slightly brown in color. 

Keep stirring while roasting

Add salt and pepper to taste. I prefer freshly crushed/powdered black pepper.

Let cool down completely and enjoy.

Store in an air tight container.