Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Banana Chips

Banana chips are all the rage these days in my home. These super tasty crispies are a delight to cook, eat and serve. An excitement fills me up while making these, probably because I anticipate the crunch and flavor of this soon-to-be-mine chips. These require no preparation, and I mean it! A cool, instant entree for unannounced guests or as a movie snack! Munch on them with (or without) your favorite dip and have a good time.

Banana Chips

I did not plan this post. It so happened that my mom bought some raw bananas from the farmer's market. She intended to prepare a raw banana curry but I snatched and staked my claim as soon as I saw them. My mom, wide eyed, exclaimed, "At least give me a few for the curry!" I clutched my bananas close to me, turned, and proceeded to secure their place in the fridge.

I used a chip slicer to slice the bananas into thin slices. I hope you can see how thinly sliced these chips are in this picture.


Raw banana- 1/2 kg
Oil for frying
Salt and pepper for seasoning

Yeah! That's it.


Heat enough oil for deep frying in a thick bottomed wok.

Peel a banana and slice it thinly.

Do not peel and slice all bananas at once. They turn black quickly. Take only one banana for each batch or two if your wok is large enough to accomodate without crowding.

When oil is hot enough, put banana slices into the oil one by one. This ensures that individual slices do not stick to each other. We do not want that happening as that hinders cooking and compromises the crisp.

Deep fry till slices turn light golden in color.

Let cool.

Season with salt and pepper.

Banana Chips