Thursday, 12 June 2014

Cinnamon Creamy Biscuits

This is one of those recipes that are conceived when you work with what you have. You go to your kitchen, look around, and pick up a few things based on a vague idea and end up with something delightful. I think this could be a good exercise once in a while for optimizing your creative output. You never know what loveliness you come up with.

As I was saying, I had not given this recipe much of a thought. I simply went to the kitchen because I was bored of studying and wanted to eat something, something 'good'.The only problem was that I did not want to spend too much time on thinking or cooking because I wanted to get back to my studies. So I decided not to cook anything and settled on having cream biscuits, but as luck would have it, we were out of those. But now I absolutely wanted to have cream biscuits! After a couple of minutes of cribbing to my mom about it while she paid no attention whatsoever, I remembered I had some fresh whipped cream sitting in my fridge. A slow grin appeared on my face. I am sure you've guessed what I was thinking.

Cinnamon Creamy Biscuits

I went to my pantry and fetched a pack of sweet and salty biscuits. I had decided the flavor of my cream, cinnamon, my favorite; no brainstorming there, and a few other ingredients. In the end it turned out to be a '5 ingredient' recipe which satisfied me enough to resume my studies happily.

This could be a quick fix party snack and hold on, could it also be used as a dessert? May be, not sure, but it is as delightful as it can get! I hope you enjoy these.

This recipe will make 5-6 Cinnamon Creamy Biscuits

Be sure to check out the tips section at the end of the post.

Sweet n salty biscuits- 10-12 nos (I used Krack Jack)
Sweetened fresh whipped cream- 3-4 tbsp
Vanilla extract- 1 tbsp
Cinnamon powder- 1 tsp
Chocolate sauce for drizzling


Add vanilla extract and cinnamon powder to cream and stir well to mix uniformly. You might want to start by adding smaller quantities of vanilla and cinnamon and adjust according to your taste. I added these to my cream until both flavors were balanced and well pronounced in the filling, though cinnamon took the higher stand.

Then spoon some of this cinnamon cream on a biscuit. Place another biscuit on top of it like a sandwich. Repeat with all other biscuits. If your biscuits are slightly broken on the edges, don't worry. Those taste better!

Drizzle some chocolate sauce and enjoy.

Cinnamon Creamy Biscuits

I ate a couple of these as soon as I made them, put the remaining in a container and kept it in the freezer out of  fear that the cream would melt and make the biscuits soggy. I reached for them the next day and found that the cream had set really well and tasted better.
Lastly, drizzle chocolate sauce just before you are about to have these. Chilling with chocolate sauce drizzled upon these sandwiches will make them stick to one another.